Fake Popup Alert Messages from Genieo Adware

Geneio Adware Popup Dialog Box

  Adware always seems to come in waves. We had two different computers in the shop today with similar popup messages. Both computers would work normally for about 30 minutes, and then internet browsing would slow down dramatically. The cause was an unwanted program called Genieo that sneakily found its way onto their Macs and …

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Don’t Get Fooled By Pop-Up Ads

Popup on Mac caused by adware

Popup on Mac Here’s a great example of a scam antivirus pop-up ad that one of our techs encountered while web browsing the other day. These types of fake virus alerts are very common and can show up on many different websites, even reputable ones. The pop-up warning looks very serious and scary. This one …

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New OS X Malware Spotted–“Mac File Opener”

Malware window from Fake File Opener

Adware and malware are one of the more common software problems we deal with here at the shop. Customers bring us their computers that are acting strangely, running slower or warmer than normal, or delivering unwanted pop-up ads. Often, customers don’t even know how they got these unwanted programs on their mac. Malware, scamware, and …

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Adware on your Mac?

Example of Adware Popup Window

  There has been a remarkable increase in adware on the mac in the last year. When we first opened in 2012, every once in a while we would see a computer come in with Geneio or other adware program injecting ads into websites and changing the search engine to yahoo, but within the last …

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Mac Virus Support Scam

Adware Window Displaying Messages

  “I was browsing online and suddenly I get a dialog box that says my mac has been compromised and to dial an 800 number right away. I even hear siri saying alert. I try to close the window but I can’t, it just keeps coming up. So I quit safari but when I reopen …

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