I will be closed and only accepting mail-in screen repairs and data recovery projects starting April 8th. If you would like to ship your hard drive in for data recovery or your Mac in for screen repair, please start the process on my mail-in repair site: MacScreenRepair.com

Since the beginning we have focused on 3 areas that have set us apart as the elite Mac repair shop:

  1. Fast, free diagnosis. Our free diagnosis lets you know what is wrong with your computer and how much we would charge to fix it, normally within about 6 hours of drop-off. While some repair shops try to lock you into repair by charging a high diagnosis fee, we offer the diagnosis completely free so you can make a decision without worrying about losing money on the diagnosis.
  2. Great communication. We use email and text to keep you up to date throughout the process. Our ticketing system is designed with communication in mind and we make a point of keeping you informed as we go through servicing your device.
  3. Quality service. Steve Jobs told the story of his father telling him that painting the back of the fence was just as important as the front… this is a principle that we share as evidenced by our track record on Yelp.

Some of our specialties are:

  • Fast screen repair for MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. Many times we are able to replace just the component that is broken which saves you money.
  • Liquid damage repair. Accidents happen but we can help! We have a lot of experience repairing Macs that have been damaged by liquid.
  • Upgrades to help speed up your Mac. If your Mac is running slow we can help make it faster! After the free diagnosis, we will let you know what services we can offer to get your Mac back up to a usable speed.
  • Data recovery. We offer data recovery for Macs, PC’s, and iPhones.
  • Service not listed? We still might be able to help!