Dust Inside iMac – Overheating and loud fans

Dust on the inside of an iMac

This iMac is one of the dustiest ones we’ve seen in a while! It’s a good idea to keep any computer as clean as possible. If you’re experiencing overheating, loud fans, and your iMac is in a dusty location like a garage, basement, or workspace, you might find something like this inside. All that dust …

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Expanding MacBook Battery

Another case of an expanding battery in a MacBook Pro. This model is a 2013 Retina 15 inch MacBook Pro and the battery stopped holding a charge and overheating. When we opened the computer up, it was clear that the battery was starting to swell. You can see in the top down and profile views …

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MacBook Trackpad Moves On Its Own

Replacement MacBook Pro Trackpad

Failing trackpads can be one of the more mystifying hardware problems on MacBooks. The cursor seems to have a mind of it’s own, clicking things without your input, highlighting text without you even touching the computer, and generally not behaving the way you expect it to. When you are able to move the cursor, it …

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