Speeding up slow 21 inch iMac

Solid State Drive held in front of iMac

In 2012 Apple introduced a redesigned iMac. If you have some time for nostalgia, check out the video of Phil introducing the iMac. It was super thin and they had decided to leave the DVD drive behind and push forward in the new diskless world. “Nobody uses disks anymore, they are downloading everything now”… but … Read more

How To Get Your Data Off A Broken Mac

Many people don’t realize that just because your computer doesn’t turn on, doesn’t mean that your data is lost. Often, it’s possible to recover important files, music, and photos from an old computer. Here are some examples of issues that don’t necessarily require data recovery to get your data off the computer: It has liquid … Read more

What To Do If You Lose Your iPhone

  What should you do if you lose your iPhone? Did you leave it at work, the store, or is it hiding under the couch cushions? Maybe a good Samaritan found it and is trying to return it to you. Maybe you just need a little hint for where to search. Luckily, there’s an easy … Read more