Liquid Damage–Why Rice Isn’t the Answer

Green corrosion on logic board

Many Mac owners know the feeling: you just spilled something–water, tea, coffee, soda, or even wine–on your beloved computer, and now you’re panicking, hoping for the best, and searching for ways to fix it. Maybe your laptop won’t turn on, maybe your keyboard is not working, or your trackpad is malfunctioning, not to mention the …

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A1278 MacBook Pro 13″ Keyboard Not Working

Dark liquid spilled on inside of keyboard

This 13″ MacBook Pro had coffee spilled on the keyboard. The computer would recognize all keys except , ; [ and =. We always start by pulling the logic board and checking to make sure the liquid did not damage the board. In this case the liquid didn’t even reach any other components! We replaced …

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Liquid Damage to the LVDS Connector on a Logic Board

  Liquid damage happens frequently, it happens inconveniently, and the amount of damage varies wildly. In this case, the liquid reached the logic board. Sometimes, a thorough cleaning can remove liquid corrosion from a logic board with no further issues. Things get more complicated with liquid damage on any connectors on the logic board. In this …

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