Liquid Damage–Why Rice Isn’t the Answer

Green corrosion on logic board

Many Mac owners know the feeling: you just spilled something–water, tea, coffee, soda, or even wine–on your beloved computer, and now you’re panicking, hoping for the best, and searching for ways to fix it. Maybe your laptop won’t turn on, maybe your keyboard is not working, or your trackpad is malfunctioning, not to mention the …

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Swollen Capacitors on an iMac G5

iMac G5 Capacitor Swelling

  The old iMac G5s are just one of those models that are taken out by a defect. These Macs have a set of capacitors on the battery and power supply that frequently swell and burst until the computer no longer starts. Unfortunately, this is a repair that is not worth the expense to fix. One …

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