15″ MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement After Liquid Damage

Liquid Damaged Keyboard Removed from Mac

  This MacBook pro had liquid spilled on the keyboard. We removed the bad keyboard and replaced with a New keyboard. This was the only repair needed on this machine. The keyboard replacement is normally completed within 24 hours here at EliteMacTechs. If you spilled liquid on your computer and need Mac repair, just stop …

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13 inch Black MacBook A1181 Liquid Damage Repair

Original MacBook Opened

  This older Black MacBook stopped working after a small spill of liquid that landed over the keyboard. The liquid made its way through the keyboard assembly and came into contact with the Logic Board. Since the logic board had sustained liquid damage, we recommended starting with our liquid damage cleaning service. Our liquid damage …

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Liquid Damage Repair on A1278

Liquid Damaged Logic board

This is an example of light liquid damage on a logic board. This MacBook Pro laptop had milk spilled on it, and stopped working properly. After the liquid spill the computer would not receive power from the power cable. Cleaning a liquid damaged logic board quickly is very important. The longer the liquid remains on …

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