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MacBook Trackpad Moves On Its Own

Replacement MacBook Pro Trackpad

Failing trackpads can be one of the more mystifying hardware problems on MacBooks. The cursor seems to have a mind of it’s own, clicking things without your input, highlighting text without you even touching the computer, and generally not behaving the way you expect it to. When you are able to move the cursor, it moves in a jerky, jittery crawl across the screen. You might find that plugging an external mouse into your laptop’s USB port helps. You might also find that the weird random clicks and movements seem to infect the USB mouse as well. The failing trackpad sends random signals to your computer, even while you’re using an external mouse. We’ve even seen a failing trackpad delete important files off the desktop. It almost seems like the computer is haunted! Fortunately, you don’t need an exorcist, just a little trip to your local Mac repair shop for a trackpad replacement.