Why is El Capitan So Slow On My Mac?

El Capitan running on multiple macs

We hear it time and time again from our customers. A computer runs just fine, then is upgraded to the latest operating system, OSX 10.11 “El Capitan”, and suddenly starts running slowly. Why does El Capitan make some Macs run so slowly and perform worse than before? It all comes down to the type of … Read more

iMac with Failing Graphics Chip

iMac display with failing graphics chip

This 2009 iMac model A1312 came to us with a suspected graphics chip issue, the computer booted to a screen with a gray box and no desktop, and the client was unable to launch finder or any programs. When we turned the computer on, we were greeted by a unusual display error–green and pink and … Read more

New OS X Malware Spotted–“Mac File Opener”

Malware window from Fake File Opener

Adware and malware are one of the more common software problems we deal with here at the shop. Customers bring us their computers that are acting strangely, running slower or warmer than normal, or delivering unwanted pop-up ads. Often, customers don’t even know how they got these unwanted programs on their mac. Malware, scamware, and … Read more