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Expanding MacBook Battery

Retina MacBook Pro Battery that is swollen

Another case of an expanding battery in a MacBook Pro. This model is a 2013 Retina 15 inch MacBook Pro and the battery stopped holding a charge and overheating. When we opened the computer up, it was clear that the battery was starting to swell. You can see in the top down and profile views above that the battery is puffed up, swollen, and expanding out of the case. This can cause all sorts of problems. For one example see our earlier post Broken Trackpads and Battery Swelling.

In this model MacBook pro, the battery is glued into the topcase of the laptop, but sometimes, the battery itself can be replaced alone. If your battery needs service and your computer isn’t under warranty anymore, come on by our shop for a free diagnosis and quote!

Check out our MacBook Pro battery replacement pricing page so you can get a feel for what a battery replacement may cost.