What To Do If You Lose Your iPhone

  What should you do if you lose your iPhone? Did you leave it at work, the store, or is it hiding under the couch cushions? Maybe a good Samaritan found it and is trying to return it to you. Maybe you just need a little hint for where to search. Luckily, there’s an easy …

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How to Transfer Your Data to Your New Mac

Transfer data between two computers

    It’s a great time of year to get a new Mac. Maybe you’ve got your eye on one of the latest MacBook Pro models with the fancy new touch bar controls, or you’re saving up your Christmas money for an upgraded refurbished used MacBook like the ones we have listed on our sale …

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How to Safely Clean the Outside of Your Mac

Spray bottle for cleaning Mac

  Computers get used every day, so it’s no surprise that they can get a little dirty from time to time. Screens get smudgy, keyboards get crumbs spilled on them, residue from your hands builds up on the trackpad, and dust gets on everything. But how can you clean your Mac safely, without damaging it? …

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Fake Popup Alert Messages from Genieo Adware

Geneio Adware Popup Dialog Box

  Adware always seems to come in waves. We had two different computers in the shop today with similar popup messages. Both computers would work normally for about 30 minutes, and then internet browsing would slow down dramatically. The cause was an unwanted program called Genieo that sneakily found its way onto their Macs and …

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