The Big Deal About Fusion Drives

Fusion Drive Terminal Window

Apple has always been known for its ability to find new and cutting edge ways to improve the personal computing experience. In the last two years, one of their most exciting new developments is the ability to create a fusion drive. Fusion drives are an amazing computing hack. Essentially, they give a computer the speed …

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iMac Power Supplies Can Go Bad (shocker!)

iMac Power Supply

All computers require electricity, which is hardly a shocking notion. Pun intended. As a matter of fact, when we take apart computers, electricity poses our greatest occupational hazard. Granted, we hardly put our lives on the lines, but any tech that has spent any amount of time inside of a computer has experienced his or …

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Hard Drive Failure on an A1181 MacBook

Folder with flashing question mark MacBook

  So many computers come through our doors that simply fail to start. It is easily the most common problem we see. Unfortunately, a computer failing to start can be a symptom of so many things. However, the good news is that even Macs that are failing to fully function do give us clues as …

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