Hard Drive Failure on an A1181 MacBook

Folder with flashing question mark MacBook

  So many computers come through our doors that simply fail to start. It is easily the most common problem we see. Unfortunately, a computer failing to start can be a symptom of so many things. However, the good news is that even Macs that are failing to fully function do give us clues as …

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Top Case Replacement on a MacBook Unibody after Liquid Damage

  This white unibody MacBook came to us with liquid damage and was in need of a new top case. Unlike MacBook Pro unibodies, which can have the keyboard replaced without the need for a new top case, the top case in an A1342 unibody MacBook is united to the keyboard. Unfortunately, this means that …

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Keyboard Replacement on an A1286

MacBook Pro Internal Keyboard

  This 15” MacBook Pro A1286 came in to us with liquid damage after a vodka spill on the keyboard! The spill rendered the keyboard unresponsive, which warranted a full keyboard replacement. After a little TLC, this Apple MacBook Pro is up and running with a brand new keyboard. Here at EliteMacTechs, liquid damage is …

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