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Black Screen on MacBook Air–Logic Board Issue

Completely dark screen on MacBook Air

Have you turned on your MacBook Air computer and found that the screen was completely black or very dim? Maybe a flashlight held behind the screen shows a faint image of your desktop, and you can hear the computer boot up, everything appears to work just fine–except the screen is dark. This is usually caused by a malfunctioning backlight. We see this issue a lot in our shop. People often come in asking for an LCD or display replacement, thinking the problem is with the screen. In fact, on the MacBook Air models, when the backlight goes out it is almost always a problem with the logic board.

On the 13-inch MacBook Air pictured, we examined the logic board and found liquid damage and corrosion. The screen itself was actually in good working condition, but the logic board needed to be repaired. You can see the telltale green residue in the pictures below:

Corrosion on Logic Board near LVDS Cable

Green colored corrosion on MacBook Air logic board

In a situation like this there are two options for repair:
1. Repair the logic board itself so it is working again, or
2. Replace the damaged logic board with a working logic board.

Due to the high quality of our repairs, the repair option is the one I usually recommend. Our repairs make your board better than a replacement board that has likely had work done at the Apple refurbishing factories. The board repair option is also usually cheaper. Sometimes the repair isn’t cheaper by a lot, but it is usually enough to make it worth it.

Board-level repairs are time-consuming and difficult. They also require us to test the board extensively to make sure we got absolutely everything repaired on the board before giving it back to the client. Therefore, board repairs are generally completed in about 5-7 days after approval.

Sometimes the damage to a logic board is too great to repair. In cases where the board is not repairable, we do not charge any fee for the failed attempt.

Our logic board repair services are available at our Studio City location and also available with our mail-in service. Check out our logic board repair page for more information.