Single Drop Of Liquid Totals MacBook Air

A client reported that their computer was really dim and they thought they needed a new display as the backlight was not working. For the A1466 2017 MacBook Air model they had, it is super rare for those LED backlights to fail. It is much more common for there to be an issue with the …

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MacBook Air Display Replacement Guide

We helped create this guide that was just posted over at Mac Screen Repair. The guide is on how to replace the display assembly on a MacBook Air 13 inch from 2010-2017. We helped product the photos for the page, and really enjoyed the aspect of sharing knowledge. Next up we will be shooting more …

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Speeding up slow 21 inch iMac

Solid State Drive held in front of iMac

In 2012 Apple introduced a redesigned iMac. If you have some time for nostalgia, check out the video of Phil introducing the iMac. It was super thin and they had decided to leave the DVD drive behind and push forward in the new diskless world. “Nobody uses disks anymore, they are downloading everything now”… but …

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