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13 inch MacBook Pro Liquid Damage Repair on A1278

Liquid Damaged Logic Board from MacBook Pro

This computers logic board was badly corroded by liquid damage. This picture is an example of what happens if the board is not cleaned right away. Over time the liquid corrodes the board to a point of not being salvageable. This A1278 MacBook Pro 13 inch computer required a new logic board to work again.

If your computer suffers liquid damage, the first step to complete is turn off the computer and disconnect the battery as soon as possible. Don’t try turning it back on until the board has been inspected for liquid damage. If you try to turn the computer on and there is damage present, it can cause further damage to the board.

When we find liquid damage present on the logic board during our inspection, we will recommend a logic board cleaning service. We use an ultrasonic cleaner to completely clean the logic board, then we are able to test it without fear of making any damage present worse.

Liquid damage pricing info

– Our liquid damage diagnosis is free.
– If the cleaning is successful in restoring the logic boards functionality, there is a $150 charge. If it is not successful, there is no charge.
– If the board requires repair, we charge $249 for a successful logic board repair, no charge if it is not successful.

If you have liquid damage or another problem with your Mac, please bring it in (or mail it in using our liquid damage free diagnosis service).