I will be closed and only accepting mail-in screen repairs and data recovery projects starting April 8th. If you would like to ship your hard drive in for data recovery or your Mac in for screen repair, please start the process on my mail-in repair site: MacScreenRepair.com

Mac Logic Board / Mother Board Repair Attempt ($399 if successful)



This service is for us to attempt to repair the logic board of your Mac computer. By selecting this service you agree to pay $399 if we are successful in our attempt to repair the logic board in your Mac. If we are not able to repair the mother board, there will be no charge for the attempt. Please note that we need to receive your entire computer to work on your logic board. This allows us to be sure the repaired board will work properly on your computer and that there aren’t any issues with the other components of your computer.
Turnaround time: The Mac logic board repair attempt usually takes about 10-14 days. In rare cases we may have to order a component that we do not stock (we try to stock everything needed). In these cases the repair attempt can take up to 3 weeks. If your repair attempt requires that we order a component, we will let you know right away and request to be able to hold onto your computer while we wait for the donor part to arrive.
Shipping options: If you are utilizing our mail-in service note that we cover return shipping via USPS priority mail which is a 2-3 day service if the repair is successful. If the repair is not successful, we charge $15 to cover the shipping to get your computer back to you. You have a couple choices for shipping your Mac to us. You can pay for the shipping to get it to us and use any method you like, or you can choose to have us send you a padded laptop shipping box that includes a fedex ground label to get the computer to us for $25.
Warranty: We have a 30 day warranty on our logic board repair service.
Our Reputation: We have been fixing computers and recovering data for years and have amassed 100’s of positive reviews from customers all over the country. Feel free to browse through some: