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2010-2011 15″ MacBook Pro GPU Graphics Logic Board Fix



This service is for us to repair the logic board of your 2010 or 2011 15″ MacBook Pro computer that has the known graphics issue. This service does not cover other issues with your logic board. In our experience when the known graphics issue is suspected it is almost always the case! We do complete a diagnosis before we begin repair to verify your computer does have the known issue. If it does not, we would contact you to request approval before continuing or offer a refund if repair is unwanted.
Please note that we need to receive your entire computer to work on your logic board. This allows us to be sure the repaired board will work properly on your computer and that there aren’t any issues with the other components of your computer.
Repair types and issues to be aware of:
For the 2010 model we replace the component on the logic board that isn’t working properly with a beefier chip so the failure does not happen again. The 2010 model will be unchanged after the repair and will work the way it did before the issue began.
For the 2011 model the cost effective solution to the issue with the logic board is to disable the discrete graphics chip so the computer only uses the integrated chip. Please note the following:
-The discrete graphics chip is more powerful than the integrated chip, so you may notice a speed decrease when doing graphic intensive tasks.
-You may notice more fan noise while watching video online, etc.
-Brightness will be stuck at 100% on the display after the repair.
-Video out to external monitor will be disabled as this requires the discrete chip to function.
Turnaround time: The MacBook Pro 15″ A1286 2010 and 2011 logic board GPU fix usually takes about 1 day to complete.
Shipping options: If you are utilizing our mail-in service note that we cover return shipping via USPS priority mail which is a 2-3 day service if the repair is successful. If the repair is not successful, we charge $15 to cover the shipping to get your computer back to you. You have a couple choices for shipping your Mac to us. You can pay for the shipping to get it to us and use any method you like, or you can choose to have us send you a padded laptop shipping box that includes a fedex ground label to get the computer to us for $25.
Warranty: We have a 30 day warranty on our logic board repair service.
Our Reputation: We have been fixing computers and recovering data for years and have amassed 100’s of positive reviews from customers all over the country. Feel free to browse through some: