I will be closed and only accepting mail-in screen repairs and data recovery projects starting April 8th. If you would like to ship your hard drive in for data recovery or your Mac in for screen repair, please start the process on my mail-in repair site: MacScreenRepair.com

Mac Upgrades

Upgrade your Mac so it is better than new.

Are you getting a message that your startup disk is almost full? Is your Mac not running as quickly as it used to? We offer upgrade services to help get your Mac running better than new.

Speed Upgrades

We offer upgrades for your laptop or desktop including RAM and SSD upgrades. Upgrading to a new OS can sometimes cause your computer to feel like it is a lot slower. Upgrading to an SSD can help!

Data Transfer

Do you have a new computer that you need to transfer your data to? Do you need your data backed up from a computer that is no longer working to an external drive? We can do it under our data transfer service.


We offer backup setup on laptops and desktops. We stock USB backup drives and can set up your backup using Time Machine so it happens automatically every hour without you having to do anything at all.

Capacity Upgrades

Are you getting a startup disk full message on your computer? We can help you find the best option for increasing the capacity of your Mac! 

Free Quote

Get a free quote for your repair

If you are not sure what you need, just fill out our quick form below to get a quote for your needed repair. You can also contact us directly for a quote if that is easier.