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Happy New Year from EliteMacTechs!

Whine stain on MacBook Air


A very happy New Year from EliteMacTechs! We have spent the first week of the New Year cleaning up an alarming amount of liquid damage. And judging by the nature of the liquid you all have spilled on your Macs, we can see that a very happy New Year it was for you indeed! That is, aside from the liquid damage part. This week, we have had red wine in a MacBook Pro, a vodka tonic in a MacBook Air, and vodka sprite in another Pro, just to name a few. All came in on the New Year. We are so glad you all had such a great time welcoming 2014! We are even more glad that we can be here to help you clean up any unfortunate tech accidents.

We hope you are all enjoying the New Year. Whatever problems your Mac may give you in 2014, know that EliteMacTechs will be here to get it up and running!