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Broken Screen on MacBook

LCD replacements are one of our specialties. It’s so easy for a computer to fall just right and break the screen. Sometimes, a broken LCD will appear as intense pixilation and distortion, random lines of color, or even a dead, black display.


Most people will call us saying that their screen is broken and desperately looking for a place that can fix it for a reasonable price. A broken screen can mean many things and in the newer MacBook Pro line, there are two components to the screen and they don’t always both break. These Macs have a sheet of glass over the LCD display. If the computer falls and the LCD is damaged but the screen is not cracked, many tech shops, including Apple, are far more inclined to suggest that the glass and LCD both need replacement, simply because they do not have the skill to remove the glass without cracking it. Truly, it is far easier to remove the glass if you aren’t worried about cracking it, and therefore far easier to charge to replace both.


Damaged LCD panel on Mac LCD panel Damaged on mac


At EliteMac Techs, we have never taken the easy way out and we specialize in component level repair. If your LCD is all that is broken, that is all we fix. You only pay for the replacement of the broken component, not the perfectly good parts that need to be removed to get to it. We are experts at glass removal, having done thousands, and we will always take the time to correctly remove the glass over your display.


If you find your screen broken, be it a damaged LCD or cracked glass, bring it by and we will get it back to you within 24 hours. This is one of our most common repairs and we take great pride in our skill and efficiency on all glass and LCD repairs.