Swelling MacBook Batteries Need to be Replaced!

MacBook battery that has swelled

You may have heard about “exploding” MacBook computer batteries. When a lithium ion battery, like the one in your MacBook or cell phone, starts to fail, a chemical reaction can occur that causes the battery to swell up like a balloon. If the battery is punctured or otherwise damaged, it is technically possible for it …

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Dust Inside iMac – Overheating and loud fans

Dust on the inside of an iMac

This iMac is one of the dustiest ones we’ve seen in a while! It’s a good idea to keep any computer as clean as possible. If you’re experiencing overheating, loud fans, and your iMac is in a dusty location like a garage, basement, or workspace, you might find something like this inside. All that dust …

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What does a broken LCD look like?

Point of impact on Retina MacBook Pro screen

A broken LCD looks like this:       Unless it looks like this:       Or vertical lines like this:       Sometimes even this:     That one kind of looks like gathering storm clouds against the El Capitan background.     And this one looks like a bullet hole on …

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