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Cracked Screen on a MacBook Air Repaired

Cracked screen on MacBook Air


We see very few repair shops offering screen repair services for MacBook Air’s because of how difficult the MacBook Air screen repair process is, and how difficult it is to source the correct parts. EliteMacTechs continues to be one of the few shops offering component level repair on MacBook Airs with a 24 hour turnaround and excellent pricing.

The cracked MacBook Air is the picture below has a crack that started at the top of the screen (in the middle), and fractured the LCD all the way down to the bottom of the screen. A replacement LCD was required to get this MacBook Air operating 100% again.

We replaced the cracked MacBook Air LCD panel with a brand new panel within 24 hours of receiving the computer, and verified everything was working properly.

We specialize in MacBook Air screen repair. We have an industry leading 24 hour turnaround, and competitive pricing. If you have a broken screen on your Mac, check out our Mac screen repair pricing and contact us if you have any questions.