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Broken Trackpads and Battery Swelling on Mac Laptops

Trackpad cracked and lifted up by swollen battery

We see a lot of computers come in with malfunctioning trackpads. This MacBook Pro trackpad is bowed and cracked, like something hit it. Miraculously, it still worked to move the cursor, but couldn’t click anymore.

Trackpad lifted by swollen battery
A closer look reveals that the trackpad is just a symptom of a larger problem with the battery. It had begun to fail. Sometimes when MacBook batteries get near the end of their lifespan they swell up like balloons. In this case, the swelling was so severe it had pushed the trackpad completely out of alignment and broke it almost in half. The bottom case of the laptop was also bowed and pushed out of place.

Here’s a different MacBook that came in this week with a similar problem. The battery had completely stopped working and was pushing so hard against the bottom of the laptop we almost couldn’t get the screws off! You can see in these pictures how “puffy” and enlarged the batteries are, not their regular flat rectangular shapes.

Swollen Batter in MacBook Pro

Battery Cells Swollen in Mac

Fixing computers in this condition can require replacing the battery, trackpad, and for some models the entire top case of the laptop. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the condition of your battery and have it serviced before it reaches this point. If you notice that your trackpad is beginning to be less responsive, especially if clicking is becoming more difficult or not working at all, it could be a sign that it’s time for a new battery.

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