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Mac Logic Board Repair In Boise

Logic Board Repair Pricing

We have a flat fee for logic board repair. The charge is a $299 or $449 flat fee (depending on the model) if we are successful in repairing the logic board. If the repair is not successful, there is no charge for the attempt. Why do we have the same flat rate charge for older boards and newer boards even though the boards have such differing values? Because the tech time for the repair is generally about the same.

MacBook Air
Board Repair


Only Pay If Successful

2 Week Turnaround

60 Day Warranty

Nationwide Service

MacBook Pro
Board Repair


Only Pay If Successful

2 Week Turnaround

60 Day Warranty

Nationwide Service

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair.
Based in Boise, available Nationwide.

We specialize in Logic Board component repair on both MacBook and MacBook Pro logic boards. This includes the new colorized MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros from 2009-current! Our flat rate pricing allows you to know exactly how much it will cost to repair your logic board if we are successful. We repair boards with all kinds of issues including liquid damage!

There are hundreds of different issues that can possibly be a logic board that requires repair. Sometimes these issues are not the logic board, so if you are unsure if the issue is with your logic board, bring your computer in for a free diagnosis (or ship it in for a free diagnosis). Here are a couple of examples of issues that can be the logic board:

No Backlight

Sometimes the LVDS connector on the logic board will require replacement, the backlight fuse will require replacement or the LED driver will require replacement. Other components can cause this issue, but these are the three most common problems with a non-backlight board.

Camera Not Recognized

While the camera not working is usually an issue with the camera itself or the camera cable, it can be that the logic board requires repair.

USB Port Not Working

Sometimes one or all USB ports will stop working. This can be the port itself that needs replacement, or the controller chip is another likely culprit. With a lot of the newer Macs, you can replace the ports without having to work on the logic board!

Fans Run At Full Speed

Often the issue of the fans running at full speed at all times will be caused by a sensor that is damaged. Most of these sensors are on the logic board itself.

Fans Don’t Run

Sometimes the circuitry that provides power to the fan needs to be repaired. If your fans are not running when they should, you may have an issue with your fans or with your board.

No Keyboard

The keyboard management chip is the likely culprit in situations where the keyboard is not being recognized. Often times the power button will still work, but all other keys will not.

Doesn’t Recognize Battery

If your Mac only works when it is plugged in, and you have already tried replacing the battery, the issue is likely related to the power management chip or other chip in the power management circuit.

No Power

When a Mac shows no signs of power at all, it is usually an issue with the logic board. This is a fairly generic symptom, so it is hard to say exactly what is causing the problem without diagnosing the board fully.

Runs Very Slowly

If your Mac boots, but runs extremely slowly, it usually has a power-related issue.

No Internal Video

Usually, this issue is caused by a bad display, but if you have already attempted to replace the display assembly and you are still getting a black screen with no video signal, it could be the LVDS connector itself, or another chip in the circuit.

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