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13 inch MacBook Pro A1278 LCD Replacement

A1278 MacBook Pro with Damaged display


This MacBook Pro 13″ had a cracked LCD panel. The glass did not break, but the LCD panel was badly damaged. We are able to carefully remove the glass that is covering the LCD and just replace the LCD panel that is broken. Then we re-install the original glass panel, saving you money!

Once the LCD is replaced, the screen looked as good as new! Usually this type of damage happens when the computer sustains a hit from the back where the Apple logo is located. The hit causes the break in the LCD but does not go so far as to break the glass that is covering the LCD in the front.

Sometimes we see cracks in the LCD from a twisting motion. The glass seems to allow a bit of bending before cracking, while the LCD is a little more rigid and breaks with less force.

When the computer gets hit from the back of the display it will often times crack the LCD panel as that is the part that is directly against the back housing. The Glass often times will not crack unless the hit is very hard. We are able to remove the untracked glass to reach the LCD without having to replace the entire display! This will save you quite a bit of money over other shops that require replacing the entire display assembly.

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