Screen Repair Services for 11 inch and 13 inch MacBook Air Laptops

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MacBook Air Screen Repair

If you need a screen repair for your MacBook Air, you have come to the right place! We specialize in Mac screen replacement. Many shops do not offer the LCD only replacement service for MacBook Air’s because they are very difficult to repair. We have mastered the procedure and now offer it within our regular 24 hour turnaround time. Save a lot going through us instead of the Apple store, and have it completed faster!

11″ MacBook Air Model Numbers : A1370, A1465.
If you have an 11” MacBook Air, it will be one of these two model numbers: A1370 or A1465. You can find the model number on the bottom of the computer in the text that starts with “Designed by Apple in California…”
13″ MacBook Air Model Numbers : A1369, A1466.
The 13” MacBook Air comes in two models, the A1369 and the A1466. You can find the model number on the bottom of the computer in the text that starts with “Designed by Apple in California…”.

Backlight Damage not repaired when replacing the LCD panel.:

The LCD only repair we are offering does not replace anything other than the LCD panel itself. This means the metal that surrounds the screen, the back housing where the Apple logo is, etc are not replaced during the process. Sometimes when the screen is hit very hard (or takes a hit to the back of the display), the impact will mar the backlight sheet. This sheet does not get replaced during the LCD panel replacement. If this sheet is marred, it will leave a white blemish on the display even after the LCD replacement. This white blemish is entirely cosmetic and will not get worse with time.

The EliteMacTechs Difference

You save money by having EliteMacTechs repair the LCD screen on your MacBook Air. Apple and most shops replace the entire screen assembly when the LCD is cracked. By replacing just the LCD display panel in your MacBook Air, EliteMacTechs is able to provide you with much better pricing.

Turnaround Time : 24 hours

We offer a turnaround time unparalleled in the industry. Your MacBook Air will have the LCD replaced within 24 hours of us receiving your computer. Most shops that offer this repair take at least a few days to complete it. Get your MacBook Air back as quickly as possible by having the screen repaired with us.

Quality Service:

At EliteMacTechs, we are dedicated to providing every customer with the best service, every time. All LCD replacements include a 30 day warranty on the replacement. If you have any problems with the replacement LCD within 30 days of the service, we will replace the LCD free of charge. This warranty does not cover damage caused by the user such as drops or spills.

Quality Parts:

We know as a Mac user you want the highest quality display replacement available. Here at EliteMacTechs, we use only new OEM displays. This means that the LCD panel that we use to replace your cracked/broken MacBook Air panel is the same LCD Apple uses in their computers. EliteMacTechs does not use third party, knockoff displays. Ever.


We understand how important it is for you to be kept in the loop about your MacBook Air computer. We will email you when your MacBook Air screen repair has begun, when the display has been successfully repaired, and finally when it is ready to go.