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Today is a Good Day to Back Up Your Mac

Always Have A Current Backup

It’s never a bad time to back up your important data. Believe us, you don’t want to face a hard drive failure without the safety net of a recent backup. Did you know you can set up a Time Machine backup with any external drive? Even if it’s not a Mac formatted external drive, you can use Disk Utility to reformat it to work with your Apple computer.

As soon as you plug a Mac formatted drive into your computer’s USB port, a window will pop up asking if you’d like to set up a Time Machine backup. We recommend setting your Time Machine to back up every night. Just plug your drive in before bed and all your files, documents, photos, programs and settings will be safely copied. With this kind of backup, you can return your Mac to exactly the way you left it in the event of a breakdown or when you get a new computer.

External Drives Fail Too!

Any hard drive will fail on a long enough timeline, and the more often it’s used, the older it is, the more likely it is to fail soon. Yes, that means external drives can fail too! Don’t be afraid to use your hard drive for storage, but make a plan for when it inevitably gives up the ghost. It’s also a good idea to keep important documents saved on the cloud with services like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. That way, if your computer and backup are both compromised (perhaps by a natural disaster, theft, or corrupted files) you still have virtual access to your data. The more important the data, the more backups you should make. Savvy Mac owners know that a little preparation can save a lot of stress in the long run.

Our Services

If you do not already have a backup process in place, we can set up a Time Machine drive for you for $125 with the external hard drive included. Check out our Mac Backup page for more of the services we offer to keep your data backed up.