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13 inch White MacBook Unibody A1342 LCD Replacement

MacBook A1342 with Cracked LCD panel


The A1342 White Unibody MacBook does not have glass covering the display. So if the image is distorted, it is caused by a bad LCD panel. This particular Apple MacBook had a cracked LCD from being dropped, but not other damage! When an LCD is damaged from a drop it can look like the picture above, or sometimes it will just fade to white during use. Sometimes moving the screen a little up or down will bring the picture back for a time, then it will fade to white again.

After replacing the LCD panel, this Unibody MacBook had a working screen and was ready for a few more years in service.

We stock the LCD panel for this model and can have the repair completed within 24 hours of receiving your computer. We can replace the screens on A1342 White MacBooks whether you drop off the computer at our Los Angeles location, or mail it in utilizing our Nationwide Mail-in program.