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Malware/Adware Removal from Mac Service




This service is for us to remove any malware from your Mac computer. This service is available in shop with a 4 hour turnaround, or remotely at a scheduled time.

Currently the most common form of malware on the Mac is adware. Adware can cause all kinds of issues (even completely interrupting browsing altogether), but most commonly it will change the home page of your browser, and change your default search engine.

If your home page is no longer what it used to be (for instance it used to be google search, but now it is some other search site), it is very likely that you have adware on your machine. Also if you try to set your default search engine to Google but it keeps switching back to Bing or Yahoo seemingly on its own, that is another sign that you have adware on your computer.

Turnaround time: Most adware can be removed within 2 hours of drop-off, or within 30 minutes of initiating a remote service.

Drop-off and remote options: If you are a local customer, you can drop off your Mac for adware removal at any time during our regular business hours. No appointment necessary. If you would like us to remove the adware from your computer remotely, please purchase and checkout with the service above and we will email you instructions for allowing us to connect to your computer to remove the adware. Because adware can effect the browser and internet connection on your computer, we recommend bringing your computer in for repair rather than having us attempt to remove it remotely.

Warranty: Because adware can be re-installed by the user at any time, we do not offer any warranty on our adware removal service.

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