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15 inch MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement Service (with DVD slot)


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This service is for replacing the keyboard on any 15 inch MacBook Pro with a DVD slot on the side and black keys on the keyboard. The service includes the new keyboard ($86) and labor ($109). The total for the repair is $195.
Turnaround time: We offer a 24 hour repair turnaround time on this service. If you are utilizing our mail-in service, we will complete the repair, send you an invoice (unless you prepay for the service), and once we have received payment we will pack and ship your computer back to you via 2-3 day priority mail. If you are a local customer, we will notify you that your repair is complete and ready for pickup within 24 hours of drop-off.
Shipping options: If you are utilizing our mail-in service note that we charge a $15 fee to return your computer to you via USPS priority mail which is a 2-3 day service. You have a couple choices for shipping your computer to us. You can pay for the shipping to get it to us and use any method you like, or you can choose to have us send you a padded laptop shipping box that includes a fedex ground label to get the computer to us for $25.
Warranty: There is a 30 day warranty on our service. This warranty only covers defects in the new keyboard we install, it does not cover user damage such as cracks or spills or other issues with the laptop.
Things to watch out for: Note that our keyboard replacement service is just for the keyboard itself. The metal that surrounds the keyboard is not replaced. If your keyboard is not being recognized at all, that can sometimes be an issue with the logic board rather than the keyboard. If you are unsure of what you need please bring it by for our free 24 hour diagnosis, no appointment necessary!
Our Reputation: We have been fixing computers for years and have amassed 100’s of positive reviews from customers all over the country. Feel free to browse through some: