Liquid Damage Repair Services for Mac Laptops

Spill something on your computer? You have come to the right place! We are liquid damage repair experts and we always start with our free 24 hour diagnosis.

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Cleaning Experts

If there is liquid or corrosion present on your logic board, we will give you options for cleaning and, if necessary, logic board repair. The cleaning process is completed within 48 hours of approval. If logic board repair is required, it generally takes 2 weeks to complete.

Experienced Techs

Our technitions have a a lot of experience dealing with liquid damage diagnosis and repair. We have seen everything from water to wine spilled on laptops and have repaired hundreds of computers with liquid damage in the last year alone.


Our cleaning process helps guard against future corrosion allowing us to cover all liquid damage repairs under our 30 day warranty.


Many times the liquid is spilled on the computer over the keyboard. The keyboard is one of the only components that cleaning can’t guarantee a stop to the corrosion. For this reason, if the liquid entered the computer from the top, it is likely we will suggest replacing the keyboard.

Logic board

The logic board is the most expensive component in your computer. It holds the computers processor and connects to all other components in the computer. If liquid comes into contact with the logic board when the computer is on it can cause the board to have an electrical short. If this occurs, board repair starts at $399 depending on the damage being repaired. We always provide a quote and await your approval before we start on the repair.

Display Connector

There is a cable inside your laptop called the LVDS connector. It connects the display to the logic board. This cable carries the power to the screen as well. If liquid comes into contact with this connector when the computer is on, it can burn out the cable and sometimes short the logic board. If the cable just needs replaced.

Spontaneous shutdown

There are a couple things that can cause the computer to shut down spontaneously after liquid damaged. The most likely cause for this is a short on the logic board, but it can also be caused by a bad keyboard, damaged airport card, or bad battery.

Battery doesn’t charge

One of he most common issues we see with logic board damage is power management controller issues. This can cause the computer to not recognize the battery at all, or recognize but not charge it. The power management controller system is one of the more intense repairs on liquid damaged machines and has a success rate of about 80%. We only charge for the repair if it is successful.

No Backlight

There are a couple things that cause the backlight to go out on a liquid damaged computer. The most likely is a short on the LVDS cable or connector. The next most likely would be a fuse that is in control of the power to the backlight that can short on the board. the least likely is that the LCD itself failed.