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Mac Malware Removal

What is Malware?

For years there was no malware in the wild for Mac computers. As the Mac has become more popular, it has started to be targeted by malware more and more. The only widely available and installed malware on the Mac is a kind of malware called Adware. Adware displays ads while you browse the internet. Some forms of adware display ads at other times during your use of the computer, but most of the adware currently in the wild will display ads while you browse the internet using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

We can perform this service remotely as long as the computer is working well enough for you to download the remote connection software. We can also provide the malware removal service at your home or office. Sometimes the adware on the computer causes you to have trouble installing the software we need in order to connect remotely. If you are not able to download the software that we send you in a link, please Let us know and we can help!

Mac Malware Removal


Only Pay If Successful

1 Hour Turnaround

Remote Service Available


Anti-virus software for Mac

We recommend Malwarebytes for Mac malware removal.

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Remote Mac Malware Removal

Below are some additional details regarding our Malware removal service.

Adware vs Malware

Adware is a kind of Malware. Adware is the most prevalent type of Malware that is available for Mac computers at this time. Adware normally does not steal any private information or do anything nefarious… rather it just attempts to advertise to you constantly.

Malware vs Popup

Sometimes we find computers are brought in for adware removal when the issue was a particular kind of popup called a hijack. A hijack is when a popup opens and runs code that will reopen it every time it closes. While there may be no adware or malware on the computer, we will close out the hijack and clear the cache of the web browser during service. If the hijack is the issue, the charge will just be $29 for the scan, we do not charge for the removal because it is not something that is installed on your computer.

The Apple Store said I need to erase my computer

While in super extreme cases we will recommend erasing your computer and reinstalling the OS fresh, this is almost never necessary. We usually can remove the offending software without having to start from scratch.

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