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Deleted File Recovery and Formatted Drive Recovery

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Price $329

Deleted file recovery is a little different from the other data recovery services we offer. With deleted file recovery we charge $329 up front and will deliver all the data that is still on the drive to you, but we can not guarantee how much (if any) of the data recovered will be the data you want.

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Turnaround time

Deleted file recovery can usually be completed within 1-3 days of us receiving your drive. If you have a particular file type that we are trying to recover that is not a standard file type, the time can increase a little due to the complexity increase, but it is rare for a deleted file recovery to take more than 3 days.

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Available nationwide

We offer our deleted file recovery nationwide with our mail-in service.

Deleted file recovery explained

If you accidentally delete data that you need back, there is a chance that data is still recoverable. But with deleted file recovery, there are a couple things to keep in mind right off the bat:

  1. The longer you wait the more stuff gets covered up. Basically the drive uses the space that once held the data that you erased to store new files. So the more you use the computer or drive after the accidental erasing, the less likely the chance of successfully recovering the data you deleted.
  2. All new Macs that have a built in SSD also have something called TRIM. TRIM securely erases all data the moment you delete it from your drive. So if you have a new Air, Retina MacBook Pro, or Colorized MacBook, deleted data is gone forever and can’t be recovered.
  3. Any data that is recovered will not have file names or folder structure. In fact, most files won’t have correct created or last modified dates either, so finding what you are looking for can be a needle in a haystack situation.

The service we provides recovers all the data off the drive that is possible. We charge $150 for the recovery and we charge it up front with no guarantee or warranty because we have no idea what will be recovered until all the labor has been completed. We will provide you with data from 2 deep scans of your drive to give you the most data possible.

Different file types that are recoverable

Photos are the most requested data to be recovered. For deleted file recovery many times you will find you have very small versions of the photos recovered (the thumbnails) as well as some large versions of the photos. Sometimes photos will be particailly covered up with new data and you will have half of the photo or the photo will be the wrong color, or etc.