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Swollen Battery and Warped Trackpad on a 13″ MacBook Pro

Batteries are one component of a Mac that is consumable. Eventually, your battery will degrade and even stop working altogether. Hopefully, it usually will just die quietly and you can replace without issue. But sometimes, batteries fail spectacularly.

This MacBook Pro came to us with a warped trackpad and in inability to hold a charge. These may seem like unrelated issues, but both indicate one thing. Even before opening the computer, we knew the answer: expanded battery!

Swelling Mac Battery


Some batteries will first swell until they force the trackpad up with them. Usually, the pressure on the trackpad will warp it and most trackpads will no longer work after being bent even slightly. Usually a computer in this state will be in for a new battery and a new trackpad. The good news is, both are easy fixes!



Trackpad lifted by swelling battery