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15 inch Retina MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Service


The new Retina MacBook Pro screen can cost quite a bit to replace. While you can just replace the LCD and Glass panel separate from the rest of the display housing, the process is long and tedious. Because of the labor time involved in replacing the components of the screen, the cost is the same for a component level repair and a complete replacement of the display assembly.

Because the prices for the components are so high, and the time it takes to replace the components is so long, here at EliteMacTechs we have decided to replace the entire display assembly on Retina models for the time being. We will continue to re-evaluate pricing of component parts and will begin to offer the component level repairs as soon as the price difference makes sense.

You can see our current pricing for Retina models on our Retina MacBook Pro screen replacement page.

The picture below is of a 15 inch Retina screen that was cracked and required replacement.