Upgrades, Data Transfers, and Backup Services

Speed Upgrades

We offer upgrades for your laptop or desktop including RAM and SSD upgrades.Upgrading to a new OS can sometimes cause your computer to feel like it is a lot slower. Upgrading to an SSD can help! learn more

Capacity Upgrades

Are you getting a startup disk full message on your computer? We can help you find the best option for increasing the capacity on your Mac! learn more

Data Transfer

Do you have a new computer that you need to transfer your data to? Do you need your data backed up from a computer that is no longer working to an external drive? We can do it under our data transfer service. learn more


We offer backup setup on laptops and desktops. We stock USB backup drives and can setup your backup using time machine so it happens automatically every hour without you having to do anything at all. learn more

Are you getting a message that your startup disk is almost full? You may be running out of space on your drive! We offer upgrades including getting a drive with more capacity into your computer.

Even if your computer is operating correctly, sometimes you want to have everything be a little (or a lot!) faster without having to purchase a new computer. We can help! Many computers can be upgraded to where they run faster than new. If you bring your computer by for our free diagnosis, we can verify that there aren’t any hardware problems on your computer, then make recommendations for what services would help speed up your computer.

Maybe you just need a backup system put in place so you don’t loose all your files? Or maybe you need all your data transferred from an old computer to your new one? We can help with all those data related services as well!